Basic editing tips with Pinnacle Studio™ 14 & 15

Discover Pinnacle Studio 14: www.pinnaclesys.com Learn to Import, Edit and Make a Movie. Or, learn some of Studio’s more advanced features to get on your way to making movie magic.
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  1. shayneo29 says:

    I get it , thanks for your tips ..

  2. MRxGiZzLeS says:

    Thanks for replying Anthony! Helped a bunch!

  3. PHOE7VIX says:

    how do i cut the video to an end? like finish the video? please msg me on how

  4. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @MRxGiZzLeS There are no free add on packages…Pinnacle has a whole bunch of elements that are available for the program…just check there website. You may also want to look into upgrading your current version to Studio 15 or AVID Studio…check the website for upgrade pricing. The Ultimate Collection Version and AVID Studio are going to have the most effects bundled with the program.

  5. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @TheThunder190 Those files should have no problem playing back in Pinnacle Studio because they are a MP4 file. I have not tried a file from hauppage, so I can not be certain but it should definately work.

  6. TheThunder190 says:

    hey anyone reading this please answer me, I record with a hauppage hd pvr and record in a MP4 format, am I able to open this video in pinnacle 15?

  7. MRxGiZzLeS says:

    Are there any add-ons or packages I can download for free that will give me more editing tools effects transitions ect. If so what are they? I have pinnacle studios 14 HD Plus.

  8. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @gateopenope When you are talking about creating chapter points are you talking about creating a DVD? Did you watch the DVD tutorial? I will send you a link directly, so you can watch it. (it is on the AVID You Tube site called…DVD Authoring with Pinnacle Studio 14 & 15)

  9. gateopenope says:

    how do you make chapters in the movie where do i drag it on the timeline is it same a video clips just wondering

  10. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @thelexus YES you can export your video timeline in Pinnacle Studio in Full HD, you must make sure that you take a look at the Export Settings. It is also important to look at your settings before you start editing too. Go into your settings and select your HD settings for the timeline (you may have it set for SD or lower quality and Studio is down rezing your HD footage). In the settings, check the button…set from frist clip in Timeline and make sure the first clip is HD.

  11. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @TAPEMAGAZINE I am crossing my fingers that you saved a copy of the project…but I am assuming that you did not. Did you close the project without saving it? When you close Pinnacle Studio, it says, “Do you want to save your project?” If you say no, then the software does not save the project because you clicked on the NO Button. If the sofware crashed, then Pinnacle Studio has Instant Save Technology…which means the timeline is saved and can be restored on next launch.

  12. TAPEMAGAZINE says:

    I closed the project and when I reopened it, the timeline was gone…everything I spent editing disappeared…any suggestions?

  13. aamirafridi11 says:

    cooll :-)

  14. DaistarMC says:

    @thelexus ive been forced to go back to Windows Movie Maker until i can figure this problem out, and that makes me very sad… Whats worse is that even when i lower the quality on WMM so the uploads arn’t too large i still get better quality than when I import to Studio 14. That’s why I must have something wrong in the setup…. otherwise this program wasnt worth 10 bucks.

  15. thelexus says:

    I’m begining to suspect that the “HD” as advertised on the box refers to the fact that it is compatable with HD and nothing else. If that’s true, talk about false afvertising.

  16. DaistarMC says:

    @thelexus i have a similar problem. i own Studio 14 and when i import a video i have already made i lose all quality, but the unedited version of the file it perfect quality before i import it into Studio 14. im sure i have a setting somewhere that is wrong… but cant figure out what it is.

  17. thelexus says:

    I imported AVCHD 1080p video but I lose all quality for some reason.
    Can I actually export in FULL HD?

  18. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @cellg8 No problem…Question#2 first…yes in Pinnacle Studio you can throw a filter on like the Sepia Filer which will give the photo that Vintage LOOK. You can also throw on the Old Film Filter which puts great drop frames and scratches on the photo, then throw on Pan and Zoom and your photo looks like old film. Very cool. And now on to Question#1…are you uploading HD footage? If yes,then create a MPEG4 based on size of your HD FOOTAGE(720 or 1080)&it looks amazing!

  19. babyschreibman says:

    how do you delete videos to clear memory

  20. cellg8 says:

    Thank you, Anthony! Seriously..I’m having the trial version now and will definitely buy it because of YOUR INFORMATIVE VIDEOS!! Quick questions:
    1. Instead of exporting to WEB directly from Studio14 (because I encountered an error), what is the best format to upload a movie to youtube manually from harddrive? I uploaded using MPEG4 and the quality wasn’t too good?
    2. Is there a ‘Vintage’ preset in Studio14 like the presents they have in Lightroom for photos?

  21. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @cellg8 You are welcome…now that you are heading in the right direction…please make sure that you check out all of the free Pinnacle Studio 14 tutorials on the AVID You Tube site.
    Cheers, Anthony

  22. cellg8 says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! This short video has EVERYTHING to get me started and has answered ALL MY QUESTIONS!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  23. AnthonyMartorina says:

    @planbsponserme In order to do ramped slow-mo you have to take your video clip and use the razor tool to cut the clip. For example, Take your video Clip and cut it into 4 sections and now add Slow-mo to each section…vary the speed accordingly to the effect you want and you will be able to create ramped slow-mo.


  24. planbsponserme says:

    Is this editor able to do ramped slow motion?

  25. xxspollyxx says:

    shame its like 50 times slower ¬¬

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